How do I log into my course or the member pages?

1) Click on LOGIN top right of the menu bar

Login PC.PNG

2) Enter your email & password, as used to purchase the course.

Login email password.PNG

3) A new pop up window will open when you enter the correct email & password. You can navigate to your course(s) or membership directly by clicking on TAKE ME THERE.

your account.PNG

can’t find the login button?

1) On PC - If the top right has YOUR ACCOUNT, you have already logged in - just click on YOUR ACCOUNT and go straight to Step 3!

your account menu bar.PNG

2) On Mobile - Click on the 3 bars top right of the screen. Login will be located last on the list when it expands.

mobile menu bar.jpg
mobile login .jpg

login via the password protected page

You can also login by typing the direct web address (or saving it as a bookmark) to the course. When you reach that page, a pop up will request you login before proceeding. If you are already logged into your account and have access to those pages, no pop up will appear and you can continue to work on the course.

I Still can’t access my course

1) Check that the email address and password you are using are correct. You should have received a welcome email and invoice.

2) Try changing your password via the login procedures to see if this works by click on FORGOT PASSWORD

Login email password.PNG

3) Try logging out, then refresh the page and try logging in again.

4) Try cleaning out your cookies cache

5) If you continue having difficulties, please contact us here

1) Click on Login


3) Follow the prompts to reset your password. You will need access to your email to do so.

I forgot my password!