March 2019 Lesson Plan

Ice Cream Cone

Welcome to this month’s free lesson plan!

This plan will focus on an exercise we fondly refers to as “the ice cream cone”, due to shape it draws on the ground with your path if completed accurately. This exercise is designed to guage and tune both suppleness and balance.

For our horse, there is an increased challenge in the ice cream cone due to the degree of bend required. Using a smaller circle than our standard 20m, we introduce some shortening of the stride and adjusting of the frame. This exercise will require some degree of self carriage to complete smoothly and easily, along with a rider that rise to the challenge of being sensitive and responsive to aids, particularly when moving off the track!

The ice cream cone shape does appear in some dressage tests, so applying the exercise here can also help you tune up your test scores!

We’d love to hear how you went! Share your experience, wins and learnings, and we can respond to help you improve or find the gaps in learning! Pop a comment below.

Katie BonifaceComment