Members Exclusive Lesson Plan - February 2019

Hey riding champions!

We at Equestrian Movement have been brainstorming and have decided to trial delivering a new lesson plan to our members each month - completely free!

These plans will be some simple exercises to practice, and come on a downloadable PDF so you can load them on your phone or print them out to take to the arena to practice.

Each month will have a different focus and exercise that you can apply. It will also outlay the prerequisites that should be established before commencing that exercise.

So without further ado…

February 2019 Lesson Plan: Turns, Centrelines and Diagonals

So, what is the purpose of these exercises?

These exercises will help you establish:

  • better balance

  • improved paces

  • better accuracy

For the horse, changes of bend are challenging and take time to develop smoothly without loosing tempo, falling in, falling out or rushing. Changing bend is suppling exercise for the horse, helping them to learn how to shift their weight and balance easily, smoothly and quickly through changes of direction.

Turns on the same rein help to tune our horse into our steering aids and balance them through corners introducing gentle bend without using the walls of the arena to steer. Turns off the arena wall help to tune in our outside leg and steering, whilst balancing off our inside aids for bend.

For the rider these exercises help the development of contact and feel for the responsiveness of our horse to react to our aids in particular the outside leg, as well as feel for changes in stride, speed and balance and how best to support our horse through the turns. It allows you to practice your timing, learning how long it takes our horse to prepare and execute a turn and how much room it needs.

You will also be able to practice your own positioning of your body to help your horse set up and execute turns. Finally, we are tuning up the aids to turn, bend and change of direction .

Let us know how you go! Comment below

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