Training Trainability (Foundation for Equine Development Course)

Training Trainability (Foundation for Equine Development Course)

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If you:

  • want to develop a ‘safe’ horse

  • have a horse with behavioral issues on the ground or in the saddle

  •  regularly experience spooks or shies when riding

  • have a new or green horse that you are looking to train up

  • have had your horse for a while and need to progress their training

  • want to create a better bond with your horse

  • want to learn more about ethical horse training that benefits both horse and human mentally and emotionally

Then this course if for you!



Guides you through equine behaviour and exercises you can do - on the ground! - to enhance your relationship, develop a deeper bond, develop an understanding of underlying behavioural issues and how you can overcome them, and instill a level of practice that reinforces ethical training.

This 4 module course, containing theory, instructional videos and downloadable exercises, covers:

  • Understanding your horses behaviour in relation to your training

  • Pressure & Release

  • Establishing yourself as a leader

  • Training curiosity

  • Conditioning your horse physically and mentally

With lifetime access once purchased- so you can revisit the content and exercises again and again!