teach your horse to be curious

and reduce the spooks!

Are you tired of your horse’s spooking? Who isn’t!

You are out on a trail ride, or at a competition, and having a lovely day, when without notice, you are having an argument with your horse over a puddle, a flag, or possibly the mere fact that the wind changed direction.

In your mind, you wish your horse would just settle down and get on with the job.

In your horses mind, he thinks he is about to be eaten alive.

(Cue face palm now).

Imagine if you knew the secret to giving your horse the confidence to investigate the scary monsters instead of trying to bolt from them.

Imagine what riding would be like then.

That’s why Equestrian Movement has released its latest course, Teaching Curiosity.

·        Get a confident horse that spooks less frequently and less severely

·        Discover how you can show your horse how to respond safely and confidently to new scenarios

·        Enjoy your riding again: regain the confidence to ride in new or unknown areas with your horse

·        Stop fighting your horse and get both of you on the same working page

If this is what you desire, the this short training course is for you.

Horse’s are emotional creatures, just like humans, and while it is important to work on solidifying our relationship, we also need to remember that they are creatures with strong instinct.

That instinct is fight or flight. Horses, being naturally faster herbivores, will usually choose flight over fight.

This level of flight is dependent on a lot of factors, including breed, age, experience, herd stability and training. And this is the where we come into the factor.

A horse in flight mode can be dangerous. Their reactions are focused on fleeing the potential threat, whether it be something that might eat them, a strange noise, or even that flapping plastic bag. They lose their ability to think, to process, and therefore they lose their ability to learn. At this point you may as well be a sack of potatoes on your horses back. And even if we are skilled enough to stop our horse from bolting, we often end up taking them out of flight mode and put them into fight mode as they fight to escape our restrictions, and can be harmful to our overall training and relationship.

Training our horses to be curious keeps them in a learning brain so they are able to process this stimuli without entering the fight or flight stage. And we can do this without throwing them into mental overload by covering them in tarps or chasing them with flags.

To help you out, I have put together a program called Teaching Curiosity. To get life-long access to that program, click the button below and complete the checkout process.

What this course covers:

  • The Horse Instict - Flight

  • Desensitisation vs Curiosity

  • Pre-requisites for training curiosity

  • Groundwork to establish curiosity and confidence

  • Reinforcing curious behaviour when riding

If you:

  • want to develop a ‘safe’ horse

  • regularly experience spooks or shies when riding

  • have a new or green horse that you are looking to train up

  • want to create a better bond with your horse

  • want to learn more about ethical horse training that benefits both horse and human mentally and emotionally

Then this course if for you!

how is this course delivered?

The course comprises of:

  • Online modules of theory;

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to start and progress each exercise, as well as common problems we come across performing the exercise;

  • Video demonstrations of the exercise to support your experience.

All available with one single purchase for life-long access!