Foundations of Equine Development:

Training Trainability

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What this course covers:

Module 1: Horse Training Tools

  • The concept of training a happy horse

  • Positive reinforcement and how it influences the brain

  • The correct application of pressure and release

  • What is punishment and how it ruins your training

Module 2: Conditioning Your Horse

  • Conditioning the horses body

  • Conditioning the horses brain

  • How to manage and reduce stress

Module 3: Communication

  • Why we need communication tools

  • How to tell when your horse is shutting down

  • Breathing

  • Licking & Chewing

  • Exercise downloads and video examples

Module 4: Leadership

  • The Human Alpha

  • Becoming the Leader

  • Exercise downloads and video examples

Module 5: Curiosity

  • Teaching Curiosity

  • Exercise downloads and video examples

Module 6: Relationship

  • Creating a strong bond

  • Exercises for a strong bond

Module 7: Troubleshooting Trainability

  • Why does my horse evade?

  • Why is my horse not performing at their regular standard at competition?

  • Managing leadership challenges

If you:

  • want to develop a ‘safe’ horse

  • have a horse with behavioral issues on the ground or in the saddle

  •  regularly experience spooks or shies when riding

  • have a new or green horse that you are looking to train up

  • have had your horse for a while and need to progress their training

  • want to create a better bond with your horse

  • want to learn more about ethical horse training that benefits both horse and human mentally and emotionally

Then this course if for you!

training trainability

a foundations of equine development course

Guides you through equine behaviour and exercises you can do - on the ground! - to enhance your relationship, develop a deeper bond, develop an understanding of underlying behavioural issues and how you can overcome them, and instill a level of practice that reinforces ethical training.

This 4 module course, containing theory, instructional videos and downloadable exercises, covers:

  • Understanding your horses behaviour in relation to your training

  • Pressure & Release

  • Establishing yourself as a leader

  • Training curiosity

  • Conditioning your horse physically and mentally

With lifetime access once purchased- so you can revisit the content and exercises again and again!

how is this course delivered?

The course comprises of:

  • Online modules of theory;

  • Downloadable exercise booklet with step-by-step instructions on how to start and progress each exercise, as well as common problems we come across performing the exercise;

  • Video demonstrations of the exercise to support your experience.

All available with one single purchase for life.