Is your riding hurting your horses' self carriage?

a horse in self carriage needs a rider in self carriage

A horse in self carriage is a remarkable feeling. But it takes more than good training for your horse to achieve self carriage.

What is self carriage? The best description I can share is when the horse is balanced in his or her movement with an even, forward stride and not reliant on the riders hand or leg for support. Self carriage requires engagement of the core. 

While the horse may not be reliant on the riders hand or leg for support to engage his or her core, it is crucial that the rider also be balanced.

Imagine that you are walking with your own core engaged. It may not be easy but it is doable. Now imagine you are trying to do the same exercise holding a 10kg bag of potatoes.

Not so easy, right?

This is exactly what a horse experiences every time they have a rider on their back that is off balance.

Not only is it important to build self carriage in your horse, but it is also important to build your own self carriage to support your horses' development.

What exercises are you using to improve your self carriage?

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