Some notes about horsemanship...

Some notes about how a relationship is strengthened and how a horse learns:

horsemanship horse training

·       Always work from your heart

·        If you want to be part of their herd, they need to be part of your family

·       A relationship is defined by its hard times. How you guide your horse through difficult times will shape its behavior in difficult situations.

·       Don’t become emotionally engaged in an argument. Work through the frustration and find a resolution, instead of fighting.

·        Take the lead

·        Be consistent with establishing manners

·        Follow through

·        Develop your skills well enough that you trust in yourself around the horse.

·        The horse learns from the release of pressure, not the application.

·        Use your voice and use the same words and pitch for the same things. Horses can pick up on words the same way as dogs can.

·        Use positive reinforcement

·        Don’t be afraid to give your horse a good wallop if it intentionally hurts you. You can’t do anywhere near the damage a horse can do to another horse and they need to know its unacceptable behavior. The same way another horse would teach them that in the paddock.

·        Listen to how they respond to cues. Do they understand what you are expecting of them?