11 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Horse

Christmas gift ideas for horses

There’s no doubt about it - our horses are a part of our family. So it stands to reason that we want to include them in our annual celebrations.

It’s not unusual. It’s not bizarre. More and more pet owners are including their dogs and cats into holiday festivities and horses are no different.

So, while we are shop, bake and craft madly before the 25th of December, some may ask

What can I do for my horse this Christmas?

Here’s our top 11 suggestions:

1.      New grooming equipment

There is no doubt about it - our horses love to be pampered (ok, most of them do, anyway). So why not trade up some of those brittle bristles for some gorgeous gear? While you are at it, throw in a massage - your equine buddy will love it!

2.      Sheepskin girth cover

I don’t know about you, but wearing a tight, restricting belt across my rib cage isn’t my favourite thing, even though I have to wear it every day. Imagine a softer, cushier fit that also absorbs your sweat? Sounds like heaven to me and should to your horse too.

Hmm… sheepskin covered bra straps. I wonder…

3.      Bling

Is your horse a poser, attention seeker or just naturally gorgeous? Of course it is!

Enhance that flashy bod with a bit of sparkles - new brow band, new stirrups, or a blingy saddle pad. And of course, you will have to get Santa to send the matching helmet!

4.      Carrot Cookies or Cake

Nothing says Christmas like handmade cookies.

There are some great recipes for carrot cookies specifically designed for horses. Or if your feeding a herd, perhaps a carrot cake with glazed apple topping!

I think I will be doing some baking this weekend!

Christmas Ideas for Horses

5.      Holiday

Adventures are more frequently being shared as gifts. If your horse is the curious type, why not share an adventure with them? Anything from taking them on a different trail ride rout to hoping in the float for a weekend getaway at the beach will suit them just find - and think of all the bonding you can do together when you leave the rest of the world (or most of it) behind!

6.      Fruit & Vegetable ‘salad’

Like the traditional jams, a jar of fruit and vegies popped on top of their breakfast on Christmas morning will bring a whole new pleasure to the day. A guarantee to make you look like Mrs Claus of the stable kitchen in your horses eyes!

7.      Salt Lick

Like socks in the stocking, they need it. Unlike socks in the stocking, they love it!

8.      Prepackaged Treats

It might not be original, but there are plenty of pre-packaged treats that you can buy and some that you can eat with your horse!

Ok, maybe it didn’t specifically say that in the packet, but it looked so darn delicious…

9.      Horse Toys

Is your horse inclined to play? Have you ever tried?

There are toys that can ignite the curiosity and inner foal in many a horse and range from the intricately researched enrichment tools to the simple squeaky rubber chicken. And we’d love you to share your video!

10.   A photo shoot

Ok, this is definitely more for you, not your horse, but could you really pass up the opportunity to spend time creating some precious memories?

11.   You

All the other gifts would mean nothing if it wasn’t for you. Take the time to appreciate each other these holidays, thank them for their work, and let them spend some time doing their favourite things while you enjoy them too.

Do you have a gift suggestion? Add your comments below!