Changing the Game in Horse Worming

A new, cutting edge scientific AND NATURAL innovation is changing the worming game in Australia, and soon to be available across the globe...

Strongyles in manure

Strongyles in manure

BioWorma, a new approach to reducing worm burden in horses and other grazing animals, is about to be released to the Australian market, according to the Australian Horse Industry council.

This innovation, backed with almost two decades of research on efficacy and safety, utilises natural strains of Duddingtonia flagrans - a fungus that traps, paralyses and consumes the larvae of worms including large and small strongyles and several multi-resistant worms. This in turn substantially reduces infective worm larvae and can reduce pasture infection at an average rate of 78% (53-99%) over a 5  year period.

This parasitic fungi has been through safety studies in grazing animals and has also been shown to have no effect on other non-target animals like insects, earthworms, dung beetles, soil nematodes, soil fungi or micro fauna.

BioWorma works particularly well within rotational grazing systems.

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